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You’ve seen it in many iconic photographs with its distinct Ferris wheel that lights up the sky on cold breezy nights by the Pacific Ocean. The cacophony of sounds sculpting memories in every young person who wanders into its arcades and tests their luck on the numerous games the pier has to offer.

Santa Monica is a busy beach city with a population of 92,306 west of Los Angeles at the end of Historic Route 66. While it may seem crowded on the old wooden pier, there’s room for everyone to perform and to enjoy a pleasant afternoon with friends.

Before it was Santa Monica, the city was called Kecheek by its original inhabitants, the Tongva. A Native American person lived on the land until they founded in the late 1700s. Located a couple of feet from the ocean, Tongva Park is one of the many reminders of the city’s indigenous history.

Santa Monica is known for its vibrant culture. One such example of it is the Third Street Promenade; a shopping district explicitly made for pedestrians to enjoy the many shops and outdoor activities. Whether you want to shop around the Promenade or enjoy a gentle stroll on the boardwalk, there is no doubt you will run into the talented people that make this city a beautiful place to live. You’re guaranteed to be amazed by the always entertaining characters who dedicate themselves to arts and crafts as well as live performers singing and dancing for all to enjoy. SaMo is also a place for the young ones to experience the wonders of childhood. The pier boasts an original 1920’s carousel hippodrome as well as Pacific Park, the amusement park overlooking the Pacific Ocean. During summertime, the dock is host to a myriad of musical performances with musical acts coming from all around the world to entertain residents free of charge. The series of concerts is a must-see for lovers of music and culture.

Santa Monica was once home to the Santa Monica Film Festival & Moxie Awards. The festival was an annual film series, and awards were held in the city but disestablished in 2001. Still, because the festival is over doesn’t mean Santa Monica’s Hollywood connection is too. The pier has been the location of a multitude of films and television shows and even immortalized in video games and music videos. Similarly, many well-known actors were born and raised in Santa Monica, with many still living in the city. Notable actors include Tobey Maguire, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sean Astin, Christina Ricci, and Shirley Temple, to name a few.

The city is home to Santa Monica City College, one of the highest-ranked community colleges with high transfer rates in the Los Angeles area.

The median home price is approximately $1,649,900. Santa Monica is a very pricey place to live, but all the while worth it when one can walk to the beach and listen to the sounds of life on the pier.

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    1. code violations
    2. avoiding auction
    3. foreclosure
    4. too much debt
    5. owe more than it’s worth upsizing
    6. need to sell quickly
    7. behind on payment
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      • liens
      • need quick cash
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      • out of state owner
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